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Melancholic Me

I’ve seen a pattern,a trend when I read blogs to spend my spare time. Almost every body is trying to write about sad events,problems & what is wrong in our society. I agree there are problems , but you see … Continue reading

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Consciousness Raising.

Means for making women more aware of their situation, the object conditions of sexual oppression of patriarchy & their experience within it. Conscious raising groups emerged as an important element in the women’s movement of the 1960’s.They were usually small (5-25 … Continue reading

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Sensationalism,Society & State.

The mass media, it is claimed ,in the indulgence of the sensationalism which is one of their principal values, exaggerate relatively trivial acts of violence & misbehavior to the proportions of a major social or moral crises.                           … Continue reading

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Ruttie Jinnah & life beyond physical.

  She did not follow the british custom of aurtsying before the viceroy & Instead she followed the indian custom & folded her hands after shaking them with Viceroy. Immediately after dinner Chelmsford(lord)told her:”Mrs.Jinnah,your husband has a great political future ,you must not … Continue reading

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