Melancholic Me

I’ve seen a pattern,a trend when I read blogs to spend my spare time. Almost every body is trying to write about sad events,problems & what is wrong in our society.

I agree there are problems , but you see when I read blogs I feel we people try our level best to prove we are living in a place which is slightly better than Somalia. Now I mentioned Somalia I feel in a couple of days some one will prove with a conclusive evidence that No…Somalia is a better place to live.

I’ve read & almost believe the things that would never, ever, be acceptable all over world are happening here for so many decades.I can not mention about all of them (everyday i read a new sad story).

I have made a short list , and will write here under about incidents, sad, unfortunate & tragic enough to make a majority of our dear bloggers cry…& cry over again and again….

1. Adulteration. We read about adultration in food products. It’s bad. people must stop to mix water in milk.I highly appreciate those innovative guys who manufactured milk. Yes dear friend milk is produced all over world, but here in India we MANUFACTURE it. We use Urea, vegetable oil , caustic soda etc. & manufacture milk.But it makes me a bit melancholic don’t know why?

2.Human rights. This too is a topic most discussed on blogs. We talk a lot about custodial deaths. Yaar don’t you guys see 100’s of people die daily due negligence in our hospitals ? People daily die on roads after hit & run cases, police never arrive at the scene, people die in bomb blasts, terrorist killings, at schools .

Citizens die in courts waiting for justice. So what if some are dead in police custody? who’s fault do you think it is? Can’t you arrange money at right time to ensure the release of person arrested at time. You guys keep tall claims about innocence of person arrested.Please think about cops too. They have opened  a police station there.They too need money…Hmm It makes me a bit melancholic,don’t know why?

  3.Common wealth games : It is clear when you read the word COMMONWEALTH. A wealth which is common.Our builders,leaders,contractors,officers,sports associations shared the money , the wealth which was supposed to erect buildings ,stadiums,roads for players & common man.Do not worry, 75% of India lives in rural areas. We have rural games & festivals for them. Don’t know I am a bit melancholic on this too. 

4.Law & justice.:People talk about our courts & the time our judges take to give verdict on any case,I repeat any case. Take the case of Sonia Gandhi’s husband. He was father of Rahul Gandhi too. Please do not smile or laugh.You can not always hide your pain under a smile. Just think about our legal system which can not deliver justice in time for Priyanka Gandhi & you guys waste your time over  1984 riots & talk about Narendra Modi ?


Leave all these trivial issues & think over our achievements.Recently we finalized the world’s biggest jet fighter deal, We have a nuclear powered submarine, a missile known as Brhamos or something like that.

Not only on defense issue ,take this guy Ahmadnejad , he can not ignore us, America too wants India to talk to Iran for poor fellows living in Israel.We are Important friends of Russia, China,Brazil etc.

Still I am Melancholic.


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