Consciousness Raising.

Means for making women more aware of their situation, the object conditions of sexual oppression of patriarchy & their experience within it. Conscious raising groups emerged as an important element in the women’s movement of the 1960’s.They were usually small (5-25 members),women only & they were not hierarchically organised or focused on a group leader.

Within these groups women could express & explore themselves with other women.Not only did women learn more about the objective state of male dominance,but they also became more aware of the more subtle, hidden , unconscious (often-repressed) elements of sexual repression/oppression.

Consciousness raising groups validated women’s knowledge & experience , & linked the personal to the political.

Male consciousness groups are now appearing.These have been established to enable men to reflect upon the politics of their own personal relationships & their place in a patriarchal society. Source :Contemporary feminist thought.(london-1984)


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