I can not understand what is wrong if some of our democratically elected representatives were watching porn or some stuff we call porn in a hall made exclusive for the use of elected people. Me, you or any one from voters can not go there.Only people selected by us go there & what if they were watching porn? Now when I tried to search Anna Hazare my computer showed the result for Anna Kurinkova & Sunny Leone instead of Sunny deol. Computer is an idiot machine & sometime behave in a bizarre way.

We did an extensive research….please note one minister too was busy in research.On terms of anonymity I was told about one of the ministers himself is a victim of fraud. His wife used to wear a heavily padded bra. It was too late when he finds out that her ride of breasts simply disappeared. Our social fabric does not allow any controversy or sympathy with the victims of such kind of fraud. Now what is wrong if this poor fellow was just having a look at natural peaks of natural beauty?

The second one was simply curious.He already has a very sensual & attractive someone to fill his otherwise good life with pain & suffering.He was not looking some other girl to add more misery & terror in his life.Window shopping is a worldwide phenomena practiced by almost all men in almost all of the countries.

He too was inspired By Mr.Bill Clinton. Please try to remember what our US President & Lewinsky  use to do in  office , on the planes during his official flights. We are a fast growing economy & we must try to give competition to super powers.

Now let bygones be bygones. What should we do to avoid this kinda incidents in future?

1.Hang the guys who made MMS of Ministers watching MMS,He invaded the freedom to watch. In a country where we try to give utmost importance to freedom of speech, freedom of expression & freedom to create panic with the help of riots.What’s wrong with freedom to watch?

2. ensure 33% seats in assemblies for women. Men do behave in a decent way when women are around just to impress them. No one can dare to watch porn in assembly if a women is sitting on every third seat.

If you have some practical advice on the subject please publish it on your blog.

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2 Responses to Porngate

  1. Thank you,Initially I got confused & double checked the meaning in dictionary. Now I am sure it’s a compliment. So nice of you.will continue writing

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