About me

“When a man is ignorant of himself it may be ignorance of his own finances.He may fancy his means more affluent than they are,& there are those who imagine themselves taller & handsomer than they really are.But the most common form of the error is the third,which concerns qualities of soul; a man fancies better in the point of virtue than he really is.And among the virtues is not wisdom it’s his illusory conceit of knowledge.”

I am sure Socrates was talking about me when he said the above mentioned words . Till today Socrates does not follow my blog but whenever he will aware of this he will contact me.

I personally believe I live the merriest life. It’s the most pleasant life if you do not know anything. Ignorance is remedy of every problem. Normally people who  think too much do have most of the problems. Of course if you know about America to Zimbabwe  you are going to have all the problems.

So friends I always suggest you to stop thinking & start living life.Please feel free to comment on the stuff posted at my blog.


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