We The Great Nation.

You all are aware we are a great country. Christopher Columbus was  dumb as all people are other than we The great Indians.He reached USA & said Hurray ! I discoverd India. If we believe this non-sense Barak HUSSAIN Obama is our president. But our’s is Rahul Gandhi.

Jokes apart now let’s have a look at the great achievements We The Great Nation have on our account.

1.Right to employment.:We are a nation who ensure Right to work as a basic right to every Indian. We do have our own yardsticks. A 7 year old can go to work. Yeah ,have a look, you will find millions of 7 or 10 or 12 year kids   working in Dhabas, motor workshops,factories & at the places where western people will refuse to go without gas masks, & other instruments of fire safety & medicos present on the spot. But We the brave people do not believe in all this crap.  Go to Sivakasi & have a look at 1000’s of fireworks manufacturing units &  kids working over there. No doubt people die the on regular basis but no one can live fore ever.We provide option to die due to accidents, diseases,heat wave,cold wave or even hunger……….We the great nation.

2. Competition with global players. : We compete with the Multinational companies in our own way.For example a toothpaste under the trade name COLGATE is sold worldwide. We made COLLEGIATE, GOLGATE, COLJATE etc. etc. In India using Indigenous technology. Same we successfully adopted for the manufacturing of cosmatics, medicines, detergents etc . We manfacture all these things in our own way & govt. is too generous here. All these are 100% exempted from duties, taxes etc.etc. This provides ample opportunity of employment to our people.

3.Human Rights : violation of human rights is the biggest issue all over world.But dear readers in India it’s not an issue. We are a secular country. We do not discriminate on gender, race,religion,age,color,cast,creed etc. etc.

We equally deny human rights to everybody i.e. 1.2 billion people. No one on planet earth can compete here.

4.Good quality material at equally good prices : These Hollywood,Bollywood people are great cheats.They charge too much for CDs & DVDs etc. We have an Industry here which provides high quality CD/DVD at reasonable price. 

Simply ask price for a SO CALLED GENUINE DVD & Compare it with our Indian version. You will be surprised to see the price of Indian version of same Hollywood Movie is really genuine.We are honest people & believe in Genuine price.

Ask any body we can provide Kidneys,blood,corneas at a very reasonable price

All this contributes a bit to make us a GREAT NATION.



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4 Responses to We The Great Nation.

  1. I hear you and the frustration.

  2. aourbind says:

    I wrote it because i wanted to write what we see in our everyday life,it happens,yes I am frustrated & sad over such things.

  3. ouija board says:

    Welcome to Theatre of Absurd when the world and rason are audience and actor illusion and experience only

  4. aourbind says:

    sure lemme read about it.

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