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Part-broken, Part-whole

You are beyond your haunting eyes.
Me, my words are my eyes.

The color of my “Come home”
A deep amber flecked with phosphorescence
The color of your “God, yes.”
Purple with streaks of green.
My eyes think of the taste of your name
Cayenne dusted mangoes surrounded by twilight at the edge of a cliff.
I think of Rilke describing beauty as the “beginning of terror” which “serenely disdains to destroy us. “Every angel is terrible,” he says
But I praise my destroyers
Tonight, your eyes feel like candlelight.
Your words taste of liquorice; an aftertaste of cilantro in your strong vulnerabilities.
Your vowels fragranced with violets; consonants scented with hunger.
Exclamation points, question marks, commas and periods, they all hide each other’s fears and longings.
Slip your hand into my pockets and hunt for the ellipses; 
I will pretend I never knew where…

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Part-broken, Part-whole

The sum of my years has been spent knowing your body 
and learning the puzzle of how we fit
and connect into each other. 
The plane of your flank flush with my arm. 
My face flat against your belly like a memory foam pillow. 
The sweep of your back meeting the convex of my front. 
My nose settling into the crevice behind your ear. 
My hand like a snug mitt over the swell of your breast. 
The small of your back is home to my palm. 
Your bent knees are an arrow; a sign to tessellate. 
The single curve of your sleeping form is a light font emboldened when joined by mine. 
My tongue pays the coin slot of your sex. 
Your spine is a harpsichord for my playing fingers. 
My hands are combs for your hair. 
Four ankles knot like yarn. 
Each hand a frame for your shoulder…

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Part-broken, Part-whole



I know what eyes are made of. They’re made of the ocean, of caramel, of December mornings, of drops of absinthe and splinters of amber. Eyes are made of honeycomb. Of steel. Of midnight and monsoon. Of smoking coal and dying embers. Of toffee, jujubes, and violet pastilles.

I know of eyes made from shards of the sky and stalks of willow. Butterscotch candy and peppermint leaves. Eyes made of fire, made of stone. I know eyes are made of old wine bottles. And marbles. They’re made of soap bubbles and muddy puddles, cognac swirls and Blue Curaçao.

I have seen eyes the color of money, with hues of ache and longing, schisms of doubt and hope, the radiance of youth and the grey of age. I know eyes composed in the deep grey of silences, the dark black of unknowing, in azures of complacency, and whorls of dark chocolate.


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The duck stoops here/Akhilesh Yadav

B.Butt : Hi this is B.Butt,today we have with us new democratically elected C.M. of UP, son of neta ji…& if you think he is some BOSE you are an ignorant fellow.Our new neta ji is self styled maulana mulayam singh, inspired by lallu yadav decided his son as C.M of UP.& his son calls him NETA ji coz he is against dynastic rule of a particular khandan.Lets welcome our new C.M. Akhilesh ji , he will tell us what he will do for people of UP?

Akhilesh : Hi Ms.Butt,I will give a new speech daily to our voters.daily a new speech,I will make our voters happy every morning.All the day I & Netaji will right a new speech.Our voters can not read Ms.Butt so new speech every day,

B.Butt : but sir ignorance & illiteracy is an evil weed,& you belong to youth ,people have hopes from you,why you too are talking about cultivating it like dictators?

Akhilesh : See Ms.Butt,this is the basic difference between you & me, I have seen your interview with captain Batra shaheed during Kargil war.You look back,even today you have a mic in your hands & I am C.M. of UP. Please do not teach me, go & talk to people.Our voters say with almost a badge of pride that they do not know how to read .We are here for people, not for you studio buggers who solve every problem through google or at a bar.Listen you have to manipulate the interview recording or UP govt. will not give you advertisements, Neta ji told me to remind you.

B.Butt :Oh come on sweetu, I know this , better you do not teach me the ABC of journalism.I am just asking you to tell me what you are going to do for public?

Akhilesh Yadav : Well,now we will make our people enjoy their life ; it is better to conceive the sky as a blue doom than a dark cavity, & the cloud as a golden throne than a sleepy mist.People do not know which port they are sailing so no wind is favourable for them, we can not do anything for them, can you Ms.Butt??

B.Butt : Mr. Yadav , why do not you educate them, they have potential, they have wisdom , all you do is to teach them how to reap the full benefits of their hard work.They will work for themv selves & can take care of themselves. What you say?

Akhilesh : See Ms Butt education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive , easy to govern but impossible to enslave, if we educate the people they’ll not listen to our sensational , & cheap appeals, we campaign in poetry but govern in prose,so we will try to give them better health , hospitals & medicines,you know foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the life of the poultry, healthy but ignorant poultry.

B.Butt  : Oh Mr.CM, you do not know how to spin words…….so we’ll talk after you get some more lessons from you pa..oh i mean neta ji. Duck stoops here, just tell a few words about our macho,leader with rebelion look :Rahul Ganghi? How was you experience with him?

Akhilesh : Oh yeah Ms. Butt it was great, really marvelous working with Gandhi the junior.You can ask anything about him or tell anything, you do not have to worry or thinking for a moment before talking about him. He won’t mind,He will never think  a particular statement stupid , since he thinks all the statements made by anybody other than her mom or sister were stupid. It was fun.

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(To Women) please take time to ponder……..

(To Men) enjoy the story……..

Young King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom. The monarch could have killed him but was moved by Arthur’s youth and ideals. So, the monarch offered him his freedom, as long as he could answer a very difficult question. Arthur would have a year to figure out the answer and, If after a year, he still had no answer, he would be put to death. The question was: What do women really want?

Such a question would perplex even the most knowledgeable man, And to young Arthur, it seemed an impossible query. But, since it was better than death, He accepted the monarch’s proposition to have an answer by year’s end.

He returned to his kingdom and began to poll everyone: The princess, the priests, the wise men, and even the court…

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Melancholic Me

I’ve seen a pattern,a trend when I read blogs to spend my spare time. Almost every body is trying to write about sad events,problems & what is wrong in our society.

I agree there are problems , but you see when I read blogs I feel we people try our level best to prove we are living in a place which is slightly better than Somalia. Now I mentioned Somalia I feel in a couple of days some one will prove with a conclusive evidence that No…Somalia is a better place to live.

I’ve read & almost believe the things that would never, ever, be acceptable all over world are happening here for so many decades.I can not mention about all of them (everyday i read a new sad story).

I have made a short list , and will write here under about incidents, sad, unfortunate & tragic enough to make a majority of our dear bloggers cry…& cry over again and again….

1. Adulteration. We read about adultration in food products. It’s bad. people must stop to mix water in milk.I highly appreciate those innovative guys who manufactured milk. Yes dear friend milk is produced all over world, but here in India we MANUFACTURE it. We use Urea, vegetable oil , caustic soda etc. & manufacture milk.But it makes me a bit melancholic don’t know why?

2.Human rights. This too is a topic most discussed on blogs. We talk a lot about custodial deaths. Yaar don’t you guys see 100’s of people die daily due negligence in our hospitals ? People daily die on roads after hit & run cases, police never arrive at the scene, people die in bomb blasts, terrorist killings, at schools .

Citizens die in courts waiting for justice. So what if some are dead in police custody? who’s fault do you think it is? Can’t you arrange money at right time to ensure the release of person arrested at time. You guys keep tall claims about innocence of person arrested.Please think about cops too. They have opened  a police station there.They too need money…Hmm It makes me a bit melancholic,don’t know why?

  3.Common wealth games : It is clear when you read the word COMMONWEALTH. A wealth which is common.Our builders,leaders,contractors,officers,sports associations shared the money , the wealth which was supposed to erect buildings ,stadiums,roads for players & common man.Do not worry, 75% of India lives in rural areas. We have rural games & festivals for them. Don’t know I am a bit melancholic on this too. 

4.Law & justice.:People talk about our courts & the time our judges take to give verdict on any case,I repeat any case. Take the case of Sonia Gandhi’s husband. He was father of Rahul Gandhi too. Please do not smile or laugh.You can not always hide your pain under a smile. Just think about our legal system which can not deliver justice in time for Priyanka Gandhi & you guys waste your time over  1984 riots & talk about Narendra Modi ?


Leave all these trivial issues & think over our achievements.Recently we finalized the world’s biggest jet fighter deal, We have a nuclear powered submarine, a missile known as Brhamos or something like that.

Not only on defense issue ,take this guy Ahmadnejad , he can not ignore us, America too wants India to talk to Iran for poor fellows living in Israel.We are Important friends of Russia, China,Brazil etc.

Still I am Melancholic.


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Theater of cruelty/panic

A form of theatre which seeks to communicate to audience a sense of pain ,suffering,and the presence of evil primarily through non verbal means.The term was first used by the surrealist actor Antonin Artaud in his essay Le Theater de la cruaute (1932).

Artaud rejected the western tradition of theatre , whose emphasis upon realism & psychological character study he considered trivial ,hoped to recreate theatre at the more universal level which he found in primitive ritual & oriental drama.Artaud writing is visionary rather than practical ,& no complete body of theory exists behind it.Outside France where he had a strong influence Artaud was little known before the first English translation of his book in 1958.

In the 60’s his ideas were widely discussed & the concept of theatre of cruelty was explored & developed. Theatre of panic was described by Spanish born french dramatist Fernando Arrabal in 1962to describe the kind of ceremonial theatre he favored.The reference to the god pan a deity combining the attributes of rustic vitality , grotesque fun & holy terror & Arrabals concept is a blend of tragedy& a punch -and-judy show of bad taste & refinement of sacrilege & the  sacred . He was heavily influenced by the theories of Atraud & put his ideas into practice in a number of plays including ‘The Architect & the Emperor of Assyria(1967) ,and’ And they handcuffed the flowers’  (1969)

Similer ideas are apparent among  French Avant Garde, companies.

Source:A.Artaud,The theatre & it’s double,M.Esslin,Artaud(london 1976), R.Hayman(Artaud & after)1977′

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