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Theatre of the absurd.

Critic Martin Esslin coined the term theatre of the absurd in 1961 to define a form of theatre which ,rejecting naturalism as the basis for it’s presentation of action & character, uses a variety of dramatic techniques defying rational analysis & explanation to express. ,by implication rather than direct  statement, the absurdity of human conditions ;Esslin adopts & expands the concept of the absurd employed by the existentialist Albert Camus in LE MYTHE DE SISPHE in 1942.

The absurd is not so much a single , identifiable theatrical tradition as a common denominator to be found in the work of a number of 20th century dramatists.They are individually indebted to a variety of independent traditions & the circus. Some elements of the absurd may be traced back to Alfred Jerry & found in the plays by Cocteau & Ivan Goll written in the 1920’s & 30’s; but the term is usually associated with writers who were active after World War II, notably Samual Backett ,Eugene ,N.F Simpsom ,harold Pinter etc.

In it’s rejection of rational & analytical processes, the genere has some affinities with Theater of cruelty.

Source:M.Esslin  , The theatre of absurd 1968. & 69.

Pics :Google

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I can not understand what is wrong if some of our democratically elected representatives were watching porn or some stuff we call porn in a hall made exclusive for the use of elected people. Me, you or any one from voters can not go there.Only people selected by us go there & what if they were watching porn? Now when I tried to search Anna Hazare my computer showed the result for Anna Kurinkova & Sunny Leone instead of Sunny deol. Computer is an idiot machine & sometime behave in a bizarre way.

We did an extensive research….please note one minister too was busy in research.On terms of anonymity I was told about one of the ministers himself is a victim of fraud. His wife used to wear a heavily padded bra. It was too late when he finds out that her ride of breasts simply disappeared. Our social fabric does not allow any controversy or sympathy with the victims of such kind of fraud. Now what is wrong if this poor fellow was just having a look at natural peaks of natural beauty?

The second one was simply curious.He already has a very sensual & attractive someone to fill his otherwise good life with pain & suffering.He was not looking some other girl to add more misery & terror in his life.Window shopping is a worldwide phenomena practiced by almost all men in almost all of the countries.

He too was inspired By Mr.Bill Clinton. Please try to remember what our US President & Lewinsky  use to do in  office , on the planes during his official flights. We are a fast growing economy & we must try to give competition to super powers.

Now let bygones be bygones. What should we do to avoid this kinda incidents in future?

1.Hang the guys who made MMS of Ministers watching MMS,He invaded the freedom to watch. In a country where we try to give utmost importance to freedom of speech, freedom of expression & freedom to create panic with the help of riots.What’s wrong with freedom to watch?

2. ensure 33% seats in assemblies for women. Men do behave in a decent way when women are around just to impress them. No one can dare to watch porn in assembly if a women is sitting on every third seat.

If you have some practical advice on the subject please publish it on your blog.

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We The Great Nation.

You all are aware we are a great country. Christopher Columbus was  dumb as all people are other than we The great Indians.He reached USA & said Hurray ! I discoverd India. If we believe this non-sense Barak HUSSAIN Obama is our president. But our’s is Rahul Gandhi.

Jokes apart now let’s have a look at the great achievements We The Great Nation have on our account.

1.Right to employment.:We are a nation who ensure Right to work as a basic right to every Indian. We do have our own yardsticks. A 7 year old can go to work. Yeah ,have a look, you will find millions of 7 or 10 or 12 year kids   working in Dhabas, motor workshops,factories & at the places where western people will refuse to go without gas masks, & other instruments of fire safety & medicos present on the spot. But We the brave people do not believe in all this crap.  Go to Sivakasi & have a look at 1000’s of fireworks manufacturing units &  kids working over there. No doubt people die the on regular basis but no one can live fore ever.We provide option to die due to accidents, diseases,heat wave,cold wave or even hunger……….We the great nation.

2. Competition with global players. : We compete with the Multinational companies in our own way.For example a toothpaste under the trade name COLGATE is sold worldwide. We made COLLEGIATE, GOLGATE, COLJATE etc. etc. In India using Indigenous technology. Same we successfully adopted for the manufacturing of cosmatics, medicines, detergents etc . We manfacture all these things in our own way & govt. is too generous here. All these are 100% exempted from duties, taxes etc.etc. This provides ample opportunity of employment to our people.

3.Human Rights : violation of human rights is the biggest issue all over world.But dear readers in India it’s not an issue. We are a secular country. We do not discriminate on gender, race,religion,age,color,cast,creed etc. etc.

We equally deny human rights to everybody i.e. 1.2 billion people. No one on planet earth can compete here.

4.Good quality material at equally good prices : These Hollywood,Bollywood people are great cheats.They charge too much for CDs & DVDs etc. We have an Industry here which provides high quality CD/DVD at reasonable price. 

Simply ask price for a SO CALLED GENUINE DVD & Compare it with our Indian version. You will be surprised to see the price of Indian version of same Hollywood Movie is really genuine.We are honest people & believe in Genuine price.

Ask any body we can provide Kidneys,blood,corneas at a very reasonable price

All this contributes a bit to make us a GREAT NATION.



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Consciousness Raising.

Means for making women more aware of their situation, the object conditions of sexual oppression of patriarchy & their experience within it. Conscious raising groups emerged as an important element in the women’s movement of the 1960’s.They were usually small (5-25 members),women only & they were not hierarchically organised or focused on a group leader.

Within these groups women could express & explore themselves with other women.Not only did women learn more about the objective state of male dominance,but they also became more aware of the more subtle, hidden , unconscious (often-repressed) elements of sexual repression/oppression.

Consciousness raising groups validated women’s knowledge & experience , & linked the personal to the political.

Male consciousness groups are now appearing.These have been established to enable men to reflect upon the politics of their own personal relationships & their place in a patriarchal society. Source :Contemporary feminist thought.(london-1984)


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Sensationalism,Society & State.

The mass media, it is claimed ,in the indulgence of the sensationalism which is one of their principal values, exaggerate relatively trivial acts of violence & misbehavior to the proportions of a major social or moral crises.                                                                                                    This perception is then taken over by various individuals & institutions of authority.-The court, the police various NGO’s schools ,who are often themselves a prisoners of the media in their understanding of society. Acting on these media images or propaganda,these individuals seek to stamp out the activities which have been highlighted ,thus confirming their reputation as grave social evils whlieat the same time paradoxically enhance their appeal to the others so far unaffected.In 1960’s in Britain,the media built up a panic over the relatively harmless activities of youth groups  such as The ROCKERS & the MODS ,leading to a glamorization of their cultural styles  & occasionaly pitched battles sometimes staged by the media between rival groups . These violent incidents then became the fuel for alarmist speeches by politicians & social workers & the impositions of tough penalties by the magistrates.   This in turn stimulated responses from the young amplifying the behavior first complained of.Similar situations have been created over MUGGING-the media suggesting a problem of US proportions & teenage promiscuity.While the mass media continue to be regarded as the primary producer of this so called moral panic or crises ,the term is now used of any kind of collective social or moral hysteria that is artificially , some time deliberately generated.Sources : S.COHEN ‘Folk Devils & Moral Panics,(london 1972)

S.Hall –Policing The Crises:Mugging the state & Law & Order (london,1978)



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