Ruttie Jinnah & life beyond physical.


She did not follow the british custom of aurtsying before the viceroy

& Instead she followed the indian custom & folded her hands after shaking them with Viceroy. Immediately after dinner Chelmsford(lord)told her:”Mrs.Jinnah,your husband has a great political future ,you must not spoil it.In Rome you must do as Romans do.”Mrs. Jinnah replied:”That is exactly what i did your Excellency,In India i greeted you the Indian way.”

That was the first & last time she met Viceroy.Ruttie remained capable of spirited behavior throughout her life.

In a letter she writes,’I was delighted  to meet Mrs. Cousins & I feel I owe you the pleasure i should thank you for having given me the opportunity.Mrs.Cousins very kindly took me with her to the theosophical meeting at which I listened to a most inspired address by Mr.Jinarajadas.What a charming wife he has , by the way.Looking into her face, I understand what is meant by the radiant face.

Further she writes :What is your opinion of Towards the stars ? I only wish it had not been marred by the waggish self assurance of the author. Until then let me thank you once again for having brought me into contact with a very charming & rare type of womanhood.

.                                                                                        South Court

.                                                                                     7th April,1925.


After 5 days she writes :”My soul is too clogged ! & I thought I aspire & crave , God knows how earnstly !how intensily ,my research remained uncrowned-Even by though ,I am feeling peculiarly restless & wish one with psychic powers could come to my assistance.

My profound soul humbles before the magnitude of this subject & in my estimation those of us with the second sight & other psychic powers should rank with the world’s poets & songsters for their gift is more intelligible is also more divine.The seers & the saints should stand among the world’s prophets.After all we are at present too blind & unseeing to comprehend what the psychics would revel to our  half demented senses.

As I have already told you ,you have but to let me know by phone or a written word when you are free to come & you will be more than welcome.



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