Refined booth capturing.

I am angry,I slapped my neighourer’s dog,broke 3 vases,1 remote control,yelled at a truck driver & sped away,I asked my peon to bring coffee in a loud voice & he brought coffee with 5 times the sugar added with a big smile.Reason? simple ,there was everything wrong at the polling booth.

At booth there was a woman with her family members,her name was missing from voter’s list. I asked a goon sitting there “why her name is missing?” “Her vote may be at her father’s address,these women never take action to get their address changed after marriage”He replied.

“But she lives in our colony, & last time I am sure she voted.Why her name is missing?& you are polling agent,why do not you do something?”I said in a bit loud voice & got a reply”boss it may be a clerical mistake”

“Then what the hell those 2 guys are doing here?they are from himachal pradesh & live here as paying guest.”

“Boss they here to vote like you.simple”

“They are paying guests,they are from HP, I know them .How can they cast their vote here.”I was agitated.

“Listen man this may be kinda E-Vote.Like you have roaming current account, E-Billing,E-ticket booking ,easy man they are my friends & better you keep quiet,I know you will not vote for my party,do your job & oblige  by get going”This time his voice was different & stance a bit aggressive.

“This is gundagardi, against rule “I was furious. “you also break rules man,you are talking on mobile, & you’ll be  arrested”he too was furious.

“fuck you man,my mobile is off & now i’ll make compliant to officers”I  tried to scare him,but i was scared.

“Okay go,& see cops will discover opium or cocaine or a weapon from you,they are with us,if you still wanna be brave go ahead,only magistrate will listen you in court,understand”said he in a cold voice.

I calculated the possible consequences & said “ok boss,i am going back but this is against democracy”

“Sun bhai mere ghar ja raha hae toh sun, apun ka koi lafra nahi hae,dhanda hae, aur ek salah deta hun………araam badi cheez hae,muh dhak kar soiye,kis kis ko dekhiye,kis kis ko roiye” he said with a smile”koi kaam ho toh apun ko yaad kar lena”

Now friends………i am still angry.

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