Now Taslima ,Her book !!!

After Rush-Die they disturbed the book launching of our dear Taslima’s autobiography.When some one told me it is seventh part of her autobiography I thought this may be a reason why people tried to disturb the launching. Anyways why this happens with literature /book fairs ?There must be a reason behind it.

I have a rough idea.There are big numbers of trade fairs & exhibitions all over India.Oh I got it.Why it happened.If you go to such fairs you must have noted that every where some guys are working in a quiet way on assignments of photo shoots in a clandestine way. They photograph the products & sell the pics to competitors of the company.Then R&D guys of buyers work to develop a new  product. In book fairs who gonna assign these photographers?

During Exhibitions of industrial products business tycoons come with wives(some time some one else’s wife)& get busy in conversation.This is the time when young guys of other types steal wallets/laptops of these tycoons.But writers can not handle their own wives & they do not have big fat wallets ,so our thieves have nothing to do. This makes thieves & photographers angry.

Now when a laptop/wallet is lost,people normally go to cops & ask these policemen to help. Police men charge a very small service charge & give them advice like  “Baher jaker Obedullah ko puccho, usko bolo Devdas ne bheja hae,cash toh wapis nahi milega baki laptop wagera/licence/credit card saste mae mil jane ka ” &  people buy their own laptop back at a reasonable price.

of course if next time some one looses his laptop/camera & tries word “Obedullah”he get stabbed in less than 10 seconds.Code words are changed everyday & honesty is the best policy.

Now at book fairs no one looses his laptop/camera so policemen do not earn anything. This makes our cops angry.

Now gentlemen & ladies, please tell me if you make people angry,unemployed why they will allow you to launch a book or give speeches?

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2 Responses to Now Taslima ,Her book !!!

  1. aourbind says:

    Thank you karmnirvan

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