Trimph of bull-shit/Imran Khan

During Imran Khan’s visit to Calcutta again some bull shit happened & we were able to talk to Khan.Parts of our talks are:

Me : How are you sir?

Imran Khan : I am all right, serving my country & it’s my duty.

Me:Good, sir i always watch you o’er TV,recently you said “Hum Zardari ko ulta latka denge.He is president.Is it okay to use these kind of words?

Khan :You know what he did?Me too was a bit disturbed,see man less than 10% people vote vote for religious parties,even than we are not getting seats.Zardari did some manipulation.& you know he declared kabbadi as national game of pakistan.See yaar we have some women ministers.When they will come to india do you want to see them playing kabbadi with S.M.Krishna & all?

Me : Sir but he can not declare cricket as national game.This match fixing & all. It will give a bad name. No?

Khan :Come on man, you people organised F-1 & world cup. Our guys decided okay you arrange the match we will arrange the decision. what’s wrong, it’s mutual co-operation & understanding.

Me : oh,well sir,you look sad,why so?

Khan :yes,I am sad,my countrymen are making sacrifices,women are making sacrifices,kids are making scarifies.It makes me sad.

Me :Sacrifices???what for?

Khan :to save Pakistan from Pakistanis.What do you think? Are we going to make sacrifices for Israel? idiot. Our army is fighting a great war too.

Me : War??where sir?

Khan : In Baluchistan & Pashtun areas & this is starting man, we will fight in Kashmir,Palestine,USA & all countries if they do not opt for shariah.

Me : Sir what about China?

Khan :yeah defiantly,after USA we will attack China inshallah but first is Kashmir,it’s most important.

Me :Sir…you too talking about Kashmir,

Khan :Kid you do not have common sense.When a common man finds himself is trouble he say ‘ya khuda’. we are politicians,we go a repeat Kashmir…. Kashmir…. Kashmir, but what can we do? goli goli par likha hae khane wale ka naam.Now he is a Pashtun or Kashmiri..we can not discriminate.

Me :Last question sir,If you come in to power what you gonna do for Pashtuns ?

Khan : Very good,best question Pashtuns are hardworking & we will make a law to stop cracking jokes on Pashtuns.Rest of everything is alright. Now power supply is restored & i am going on stage , I will be telecast ed all over world.Jamima will be envious to see leave man.

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