Amrita Shergil

Daughter  of sardar U.S.Majithia Amrita grew up to be among the Indian painters of foremost rank.

 She was the first Indian to study at Academie de la grande & Ecole nationale des Beaux Arts. At 20 she was elected an associate of The Grand Salon in ParisWhen we look at her paintings the most noticeable are the elements of both Indian & European tradition.Famous as a passionate artist we have her life style , paintings  & articles which clearly shows her exposure to different cultures,world views & climates. She always wanted & found things for herself & for persons who were close to her.  Her Portraits of herself clearly reveals her desire to assert her own individuality


She comments in a letter “there is quite a controversy raging in local press as to weather I am an idealist or a visionary or just the reverse.I am also accused of asking Indian producers to be photographers (which i certainly did).  instead of being one “who sees with the eyes of soul” & this is considered quite unforgivable.

 After her death many Indian painters tried to copy what was genuine in her style.

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  1. gsk244 says:

    Thanks for sharing this Good piece of information.. and above that, it was nice to see that you have learnt to insert pictures quite well.
    It is a right balance of Words and pictures… looks like a work of seasoned ” Blogger “..
    Cheers !

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