Triumph of bull shit./jaipur


Organiser :Yaar what the hell is goin on? why cant we have a tale confrence?

cop : Sir ,people are gathering outside venue.

Org:So what yaar?you have to provide security to us.

Cop: Sir you give us a complaint.we will talk to seniors,see we can not take any action on verbal request.

Org;Yaar whatdayamean? you want people to throw stone or slap the writers,then you will take action?How pathetic?can not you see more than 1500 people are outside & the are increasing in numbers. we have some ladies with us too.Who will be responsible if something bad happened.go arrest them.

Cop : Sir please try to understand.They are sitting peacefully,we can not do anything,this is law. Do one thing ask salman rush-die to speak some other day. or people may die.

Org : aye you not you know how many vip’s are inside? gals are speaking against andhra DGP in mini skirts,We have to decide about police atrocities in kashmir, manipur is burning,mao brothers are in bad mood,Final draft over CBI & LOKPAL will be dictated to kiran bedi after consulting all speakers.& you are talking about this 1500 strong mob.Do like Chinese did.Bring a tank & we want this place cleared in one hour. Period.

Cop : Sir here in india we can not do anything. if we slapped even one protester morrow 1000 bloggers will write against us. we have to wait. & sir if you do not mind we too wanna see if mob gives a better treatment to women showing  too much skin.

Org: Oh you cheap cop…if you do not have tank bring a drone like NATO forces do in pakistan.Yaar yeh aam log hae……nadi mae paida hue…naale mae faut ho gaye.kya farak padta hae?Inko shoot karo. India ki naak kat jaegi agar Rushdie ko roka.

Cop : haha sir you talking about drones? we do not have planes to replace our Mig 21.& there is nothing insulting sir if some of papers will write against govt. Sir subah ka paper shaam ki raddi hota hae.

Org : cannot you open fire?

Cop:Sure but we have to wait till mod set the venue on fire. Sir better you talk to VIR SANGHVI or NEERA RADIA…….they can do something.We are helpless……………

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