Duck Stoops Here/Rushdie

Hi everybody, This is B.Butt for Duck stoops here.Today is a shameful day for democracy of india, Our all time great Rush-Die was suggested to stay away from india & now organizers postponed his tele-conference  too.We can very well imagine our govt. who could not provide a safe place for Rush-Die, how can they provide security to our latest craze Sunny leone?We all know we are here for TRP.Our finance manger said “Possibility of man slaughter is a fault with TRP.” Of course there is no such thing I hope.& we all know we are in business of making us laugh at our own govt. our own people & our own democracy. Now you idiot technical lackey connect me to the bugger sittin over there at london & enjoying the situation.

B.Butt – Hi Mr, are you feeling today?

Rush-die-absolutely fine. it’s a sad say for me coz i am not able to see the nonsense of you media people & people of india who are protesting against me. It’s a story in it self.

B.Butt. -Oh yes sir you are so empathetic, & our govt. is so pathetic,i am so agitated i missed a cuppa with you.I do not know why they stopped you to come in india?You have any idea?

Rush-Die- I think they are not able to honor the public sentiments in kashmir so here at jaipur they tried to compensate.One question i wanna ask you Butt why you are so hyper? They simply stopped me. But some one killed J.Dey & all of you are silent.Why?

Butt.- Oye Rush-die, it’s you who is in rush to die, we are in no hurry. Those brats who killed J.Dey had guns & we have only pen & this pen is…pen is…..pen is…not mightier thn….

Rush-Die – Shut up butt. you are not supposed to talk about the thing whis is dysfunctional for decades. My failed marriages are enough. Now i work on mid nights…. children i’s my new novel.

B.Butt; Oye…saale rush-die…you know who i am? I even give notices to teetars who teet against me & you said shut up? Now duck stoops here. See you know we stopped you for the same people, our citizens who asked to lift & ban on Gita & we made russians to lift ban. We the people asked MF Hussain to run out,we the people who made taslima run away from here, we the people who live here peace fully & claps at my show WE THE PEOPLE. & you said SHUT UP BUTT. Aye you do not have that freedom. Let’s make the things even yaar. You scratch my back & i’ll scratch yours.

Now Mr. Rushdie please smile & let’s start our interview. The script is with both of us…..& no personal comments….

#No Offence Intended#

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4 Responses to Duck Stoops Here/Rushdie

  1. I disgust BDutt. Her Twitter handle in Capitals explains it all.

  2. cha cha chup kar ja,Butt & rusdhdie are prominent personalities.

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