Fictitiously true love story, part 1.

Like every one,once i almost fell in love with a girl.Then i felt she is too beautiful i decided to go for some less attractive girl.Yeah it is practical, elders preach us deserve before you desire.Who cares but  it came to my mind to be practical.  There were hundreds of girls around my house & felt it’s compulsory to fall in love with some one.But which one? I could not make my mind.

All i knew it’s my destiny to fall in love with a girl,any any girl.Yeah all girls are creature of such perfection one can go for any one.For more than a month i was confuse to find this ANY GIRL…& whenever i talked to a girl for sometime i felt i am in love.

Finally i requested one of my friends to guide me.I punched his number & told him my problem.falling in love is a problem.Those people are not wise people who never discuss their problems with their friends. I was wise enough & decided to fell in love after consulting my friends.

“okay”he said” Queen Flower or Maharaja Regency?”

“as you wish.”

“Queens Flowers,at 7 PM sharp,& i’ll solve your problem.”& he disconnected the Phone.

After having some fish & drinks he asked”now tell me what is in your mind?”

Feeling some uncomfortable in restaurant I told him i wanna love somebody.”who she is?” asked he.”Yaar do not laugh at me but frankly speaking i can love anybody.I mean any good girl….no no..any girl,good or bad is not a criteria. I do not even mind how she looks.It’s question of my first love.”

“quite natural,perfectly all right,all wise guys do have this approach.all you need is love naa? no matter if she is annu,binni,chinti,dolly or era.I am sure if you go with this kinda thinking you gonna get one or two may be three girls in next 15 days or a month maximum.”


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2 Responses to Fictitiously true love story, part 1.

  1. gsk244 says:

    Aourbind ji , when is Part 2 going to release ? I anxiously want to know the name of your friend (Darvesh) and also the name of your First Love ..

    • aourbind says:

      Sure man,at ealiest i’ll do this.But can not reveal the name of gal pl. refer to supreme court’s orders & his hubby is a boxer,this is the main reason man.

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