Human rights,media , security forces & other perspective part 4

Police men have a strong conviction that they have more knowledge of crime & criminals than our intellectuals.How sad ? I strongly believe our police & army officers must talk to writers & google guys before they go for a raid or arrest any accused or fugitive.

Our human right people write while sitting in the luxury of their rooms, They are intelligent people with an ideology, they always decide better how cops must work in sub zero or 45 degree temperature.Media knows better what is right/legal/constitutional way to return fire.They must wait & let one or two soldiers die before opening a fire .Number of dead soldiers is the only way to prove that an encounter was genuine before a magistrate appointed by state public service commission. Magistrates always decide on the basis of files on their table,you know.

Cops are no body to use their own brains.Every accused  is innocent till proven guilty.Every time an accused/fugitive or terrorist is killed , an innocent is killed. How a dead body will confess in court.? Of course we can arrest a soldier.

Next most important issue is loss of life of our innocent citizens in the hands of security forces. We have our rights & all the rights.We have right to protest, demonstrate against our government.

So what if a curfew is imposed, we never impose curfew , it’s the lazy administration using these kinda tricks .They impose curfew & play cards instead of allowing us to raise slogans, putting vehicles on fire & throw stones on cops.

In any situation whatsoever administration must honor our feelings & allow us to open the skulls of police men.They are paid for it & provided with helmets too. NO?

Family members of politicians/writers/editors are safe inside their homes. common men are exercising their constitutional rights after a thought provoking speech of local leader ,now what if some soldiers die here? they should never use their weapon to protect themselves, Their widows are taken care by our govts. & often provided with the posts of peons, clerks in govt. departments…………..

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