Human rights,media,security forces & other perspective Part 3.

In the case of human rights or justice there are no definitions.We are not interested in these things .We simply follow the rules followed by majority & change them as people or majority changes.Frankly speaking we do not change because we do not have any views of our own.

Before WTC if airport security men ask you to open your 4 suitcases for a check it was considered as human right violation/insult . After WTC incident in USA they make you sit for 4 hours before a flight & check you & sometimes ask you to remove your clothes & nobody spoke against it.On human right issues we change our views as per US/UK govt. askus to do,like we do not choose fashion,but accept it.

We follow the trends ,we accept whatever is offered to us. Like shoes,clothes we look forward to musicians,dancers,actors,writers,philosophers to decide on this issue.We follow their advice & our cops must follow them too.

If a politician who lives 24 hours under security cover of security forces says police men do excesses on voters  ,why should we doubt him/her  ? after all there is a limit to everything & cops must concentrate to provide cover to the family & friends of our M.Ps/Editors. Who are they to look after common men?

M.L.A’s are here , bloggers are here, leaders are here. People must come to leaders first. If they go straight to cops, excesses are sure.

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