Human rights, media,security forces. other perspective part 2.

These numbers, who die everyday in uniform who are they?

They are young graduates from humble families with meritorious academic records or products of NDA/IMA. Spend a day with these young men & you’ll find they possess all the qualities of a gentleman.

To search people,premises & to take into custody,detain,arrest & interrogation is part of their duty.Human rights people step in here & accuse these professionals of rude behavior to rape. In fact they give verdict.Irony is a terrorist has the right to fair trial,terrorists must be given a proper hearing & security people?They have proven track record of extra judicial killings .Terrorists on the other hand are young men who went on a revenge mission to provide justice to masses.

Anyways leave it for a moment let’s talk about human rights. It’s a doctrine of natural rights clearly formulated & expressed in terms of rights of man.

Natural rights are rights which men are conceived to have in virtue of humanity & not as a result of law or convention.This is not a legally binding instrument but it is followed by human rights organisations in the favor of terrorists & criminals.


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