human rights organisations,media & the other perspective Part 1

We read about human right violations everyday.Atrocities by security forces,cops & intentional neglect by democratically elected government.

These human right organisations show us the hellish image of forces & make us hate them. We people do not give proper attention to these incidents so these good people come forward & extend their sympathy with victims.They make us aware of these enemies of human rights & crimes they are committing against society.

Daily we see the pictures of dead victims,damage to property caused by heavy artillery fire, torture in custody, disappearance of innocent citizens in disturbed areas. This list is too long.

But what about other side. These foot soldiers, infantry or paramilitary forces who patrol around 35 kilometers a day in uniform as part of their duty? Regularly they got killed, get injured in attacks.All we read is a report about the number of security men killed. They are just numbers for our media. Just numbers. They are not human beings. The day they wear uniform they are labelled as rapists, murderers & the real cause of insurgency in any given area.

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